Der Gastredner: Jonas Hesse

Petra Gipp Studio AB

Petra Gipp Studio AB sets out to create architecture by thoughtfully interpreting both the needs of an individual client and the specific characteristics of a site. In order to achieve an architectural whole, we believe that in depth studies of flows as well as of spatial and structural relationships are essential. In each individual project, everything, down to the design of details and the choice of materials, relates back to a main concept. In order to achieve an architectonic design solution which is both financial and sustainable, every project is developed in close dialogue with the client as well as with the builders and suppliers. The aspiration of our practice is to create buildings that relate to their specific conditions through their simple and distinctly articulated spaces.

Without compromising matters of functionality and logistics, the issues relevant to each project are addressed in line with the main concept which shapes the expression of materials and defines the scale and proportions of the architecture. A quality building has a longer life and it encourages its caretakers to maintain it with pride. All proposals made by our practice have a sustainable consciousness. Our idea is that thorough planning of the building process saves labour resources and at the same time limits waste and other inflictions on the environment.

Our ambition is to present complete and precise documents and to be actively involved in every project through the building phase as well as the design phase. We consider this to be decisive in accomplishing an end result of a high standard. It is important for us to be working with a project group that consists of carefully chosen consultants who all share an understanding of the complex relationships between the architectonic, technical, structural and sustainable issues of the project in hand. This collaboration represents an integral contribution to the continuous development of our ideas around sustainability and aesthetics.



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